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world map of solidarity

most supporting countries

all countries
  • 2200Germany
  • 180Austria
  • 35Switzerland
  • 14U.S.A.
  • 14Senegal

all countries

  • 2200Germany
  • 180Austria
  • 35Switzerland
  • 14U.S.A.
  • 14Senegal
  • 11Italy
  • 10Netherlands
  • 8United Kingdom
  • 7Espana, Spain
  • 6France
  • 5Denmark
  • 5Belarus
  • 5Brazil
  • 4Poland
  • 4Canada
  • 4Bulgaria
  • 4Botswana
  • 3Sweden
  • 3Korea (North)
  • 3Czech Republic
  • 3South Africa
  • 3Australia
  • 2Norway
  • 2Romania
  • 2Turkey
  • 2Namibia
  • 2Georgia
  • 2India
  • 1Finland
  • 1United Arab Emirates
  • 1New Zealand
  • 1Croatia
  • 1Egypt
  • 1Portugal
  • 1Luxembourg
  • 1China
  • 1Maldives
  • 1Cyprus
  • 1Ireland
  • 1Nigeria
  • 1Greece
  • 1Thailand

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